About Karen

I find meaning in the creative process. This instinctual part of me calms me and makes me feel centered. For me, to create is to reflect the beauty that I see around me, and is my way of being thankful for this great gift that is called my life.

How I create takes many forms as my interests wander in and out of many arts and crafts that include rug hooking, knitting and crochet, spinning, sewing, punchneedle embroidery, and jewelry making. I find time to garden, bake, and collect vintage things.

Nature is my greatest muse, and like Claude Monet I happily create gardens to be an inspiration for color and design. One of my favorite things is to craft in the garden on a warm day when the flowers are blooming all around me and the birds are making songs.

I design and hook rugs, selling my patterns through my Primitive Spirit mail order catalog. Mostly all of the designs are hooked by me. The time has come for me to sell some of them, so I have created this place to list things for sale. I will be listing one of a kind hooked rugs and accessories, some of which are prototypes that have appeared in my catalog. I am also making available other things that I have made.


One comment

  1. Hello Karen,
    I just discovered your awesome rug hooking. I absolutely love the tool you use, I think its a tufting tool of sorts. I was looking on ebay and etsy and I found something similar but do you know where I could find one like yours. We live pretty close. I am in Toledo, just outside of Newport, OR. I am on facebook a lot and my blog that I haven’t visited enough lately is punchdrunkneedleworks.blogspot.com. So funny that we have both taken on the primitive prefix for are name.
    Thank you for sharing you work.

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