About Hooked Rugs

Creating hooked rugs has brought me happiness, as I have put into each my own vision of beauty. The process begins with a concept that begets an original design. Sometimes I may draw a tiny sketch in my journal, leaving it for months or, in some cases, years until I will develop it into an actual rug. The design has to call to me
and inspire me.

I transfer my design onto linen and then choose a small multitude of colors, many of which are hand dyed. Only then begins the actual hooking. Depending on its size and complexity, a rug can take from a week to many weeks to hook, sometimes it actually has to be unhooked in places and rehooked until it satisfies my eye. Finishing the rug involves pressing and binding, in which I often crochet the edging.

Since 2000, every prototype for my catalog has been chronicled in a photograph and seen by a large audience of people through my yearly catalog. Some rugs have travelled across the country to be displayed and studied. Unless noted, the rugs have been rolled up and stored in a protected home, and so are in new condition.



  1. Dear Karen, Good luck with Primitive spirit goods. love all of your work, I just finished your Fruitlands rug, Your patterns are really great… Carol Marshall

  2. Hello Karen,

    Can I still purchase a catalog?

    Let me know.


  3. Karen, your work is absolutely beautiful!

  4. Karen, I absolutely LOVE the color combinations of your free leaf pattern. Thank you for posting

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