Just Hookin’ SOLD

This 20″ X 36″ rug was inspired by the olde tyme social commentary rugs. This one says it clearly, “Just Hookin No Cookin”. As every rug hooker knows, mundane tasks such as cooking dinner, certainly break the creative mood.

Depicted are a quirky couple, peering at each other from across the rug. Each seems to be at an impasse, suffering from creative differences. There is symbolism in the rug: the woman with her hook floating above her head as if in her thoughts, he with his fork and knife; a wagging tongue border and the cutting saw-tooth edges; a clucking chicken for henpecking the lonely blue cat sitting in the tree. The inspiration for the faces were my dearly departed Great Aunt Nellie and Uncle Hooky (who had a prominent nose).

The rug is finished with a crochet binding and a hand sewn label. This is a prototype rug that has been featured in my catalog since 2001.

There is also a cotton sleeve hand sewn along the back top edge, as this rug was displayed in a show at our local library one year. It would be easy to remove the stitching if you so choose.



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